Caruana – Nakumura : US Championship

Caruana demolished Nakumura in the US championship and is beginning to establish clear water between these top two US players.

Nakumura’s performance in the Candidates was disappointing by his own high standards and one starts to wonder if he is just going through a bad patch or perhaps is on the wane…

This was a cracking game at a very high level and certainly offers good lessons for the club player.

This is the critical position where Caruana found the most accurate move.

Caruana Nakamura

Can you find White’s strong 27th move?  It’s a pretty stunning move which exposes the insecurity of the Bishop on a4. I considered 27.Ra1 but Ra3 is even stronger with c3 following and nasty threats along the b file with the Queen coming to b6 if possible or the Rook swinging back to b3.


Here is the link to the post match interview with Caruana: