Catching Up

I promised you the outstanding Rook game (which is the club championship). This club chess player was determined to overturn the long string of recent draws with this opponent.

Paul Kington is a very strong player who I have played for some decades. His relatively low rating reflects his tendency to choose the safest move but I learnt in the 90s that if you play aggressively to beat him he has hidden resources which can come to bite you. We have therefore drawn for many years, including earlier in the season. I was determined to beat him on this occasion, even though I knew the risks.

Remember that clicking on a move creates a pop up to allow you to play through the game more easily.

Unfortunately  losing game  takes me to 5/7 having won 5 games and lost two with three games remaining. I am still the favourite with three tough games against 180+ players remaining. I will also publish the six games from the e2 e4 tournament earlier this year.