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Knockout Knockabout

After last week’s quickplay games the season got off to a proper start with the first round of the knockout. ¬†As luck would have it I found myself playing a new player to the club who recently moved to the area.

Alex is graded 165 so he is certainly not new to chess and we quickly reached a standard position. Early season imprecision allowed him to get the Bishop for Knight and I found myself in an uncomfortable position before the position broke open in my favour, winning a rook.

Congress Challenges


I finally offer my games from the Gatwick e2 e4 Congress back in March. I was playing pretty well at the time and have to say that I was hugely impressed with the playing conditions. It was a pleasure playing in a decent hotel with good facilities and good food. It compares very favourably with cold church halls and the curling sandwiches of my youth. It encourages me to play in more such tournaments … but I have been spoiled now and will only play at e2 e4 tournaments!

Dave Cork is a fellow club chess player. In fact he used to play at my own club although he now plays elsewhere. I knew that he is a regular player with a competitive spirit and looked forward to a tough first round.


Here is my semi final game from the knockout competition against the strongest player in the club. Having not played for ten weeks or so I felt I played reasonably well. My knight sacrifice was over optimistic and I was punished accordingly.

Rook Dance

rook dance

I am a club chess player and although my serious games are played with the club I also play some online skirmishes. In all honesty I view these as light entertainment and do not pay enough attention to the games – sometimes resulting in horrific errors.

Occasionally interesting positions pop up on the board and I had an interesting example today involving a curious Rook dance . The play is not perfect of course but I thought it might interest you.



I was playing some quickplay skittles last night and reached an interesting position against a junior.