I have just three Rook games remaining in the club championship and since I am the current favourite I am understandably keen to return to complete these games.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that I previously claimed to have four games remaining and I actually played another game before being taken ill which I will publish shortly. Unfortunately it was a loss and my remaining games are against three very strong players so I am using this time wisely to get back in the swing of things and hopefully scoop this excellent trophy.

I am also in the semi final of the knockout against Gavin Lock who is an extremely strong 201. Gavin has an extremely efficient style and has a habit of not losing on our top board against extremely strong opposition. I was therefore looking forward to playing him very much. As things stand I may not have time to fit this game in, which would be a real disappointment.

I stillĀ have all my games from the Gatwick e2 e4 tournament earlier in the year which I will publish. I had been hoping to play in the May tournament as well in order to get an ELO rating but that is open to question while I get my health sorted.

Watch this space – at least six more games to appear shortly..