Horsham 3 v Hastings 2

I play for Horsham Chess Club and historically I used to play for the first or second team. These days we have six teams and a top board graded at 201 so I find myself playing for Horsham 3.

On the wet and windy night when I travelled to Hastings my grading was 151 and we were awaiting the publishing of the January grades.  The  day after this game  I got the good news that my grade had increased by 18 points  to 169 . In part this huge jump was helped by a very successful weekend tournament in Hastings where I scored 4 1/2  out of 5. For some reason I seem to play well in Hastings, perhaps unlike good wine I travel well.

This game seemed to flow quite nicely in an unusual line against the English. White managed to control the centre and Black’s pawn sacrifice seemed unable to free things up sufficiently.