Let’s Start

Since this is my very first post on what I hope will be an interesting journey, it seems appropriate to set out what I aspire to create…at the very  least it will be interesting for me to reflect back on from time to time.

I am an active club chess player who plays competitive chess most weeks. I play within the club against a range of players and for the club in the Mid Sussex Chess League. My weekends are generally reserved for family activities although I do occasionally play for the county and have the odd foray into weekend tournaments. I enjoy the annual pilgrimage to the London Chess Classic and watching the odd commentary online.

I am lucky enough to be Secretary of Horsham Chess Club with around 40 members and a history stretching back to 1879. Like many other club chess players I enjoy the game but relish the post match pub analysis even more. I buy far too many chess books and dvds in the vain hope that I will gradually improve. I feel the pangs of despair as I blunder and have many more lucky escapes than I deserve.

I thought that I could share some games, some books I like, some opening ideas, interesting tactical ideas and even the odd endgame eccentricity. I will share my journey as I stumble along it and we can see what progress is made.