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Another trip to the coast

I had a club match down in the Worthing where I again blundered (and will catch up on that soon) . I managed to beat a junior on Tuesday at the club but in a far from convincing fashion.

I was not feeling in good form as I headed down to Hove to play just a few hundred yards from the remains of the glorious West Pier. Will reminded me that we had played in Crowborough a year ago . I haven’t check our result from there but I did play poorly in that tournament. He is a promising Junior with a lower grade than he deserves and this game demonstrates that.

In short I swindled my way to a draw. It is one of the mysteries of my play that I become more inventive once I am trailing. White demolished me and I was lucky to find a way out in the endgame.

Woodpushers accident

Woodpushers is a Brighton based club…well Hove actually !

They are a good crowd who unfortunately for their match against our third team were unable to field a full team. The odds were therefore against them as they had two boards missing for a five board match.

My game can best be described as risky at best. I was creating imbalances before missing a horrendous mistake at the end.

English Matchplay

This was my first match of the season and it was against a Horsham team. My play after January last year was very poor and result in a significant loss of grading points which has resulted in me playing for Horsham 3 this season. However Horsham 2 had a couple of players unavailable for their first match which was against Horsham 1.

I found myself playing Lucy Bennet-Stevens who just keeps getting better and better. She is an absolute advert for chess.¬† Still studying for her GCSEs she is an athlete, heading for STEM studies at University and somehow manages to cope with a bunch of old male fuddy duddies at chess club. She is lovely and charming, except when she plays chess…obviously!

Knockout Replay

The second serious game of the season and against the same opponent as we sought to conclude the first round of the Knockout. I have a history of losing in the first round and going on to do reasonably well in the plate. Of course I would prefer to navigate to the second round without defeat.

In this game we play a slightly unusual position but my opponent chose to weaken the centre and this proved too ambitious.

English Retreat

My opponent has a combative style and has managed to beat my normally reliable English before. In this game I drifted somewhat and lost control of the position and made matters worse.



Missed Opportunities

Here is a recent game where I face a very strong club compatriot. I really felt that I had a strong opening but somehow let it slip. Of course this is one of my early games back into the fray following a long break because of illness. I think this demonstrates a lack of sharpness  although it is easy to drift against such a strong player.


The English Patient

Another game from the Mid Sussex Chess League – Freddie is a strong Junior who plays for Woodpushers. His grading had slipped down to 137 I notice but these Juniors are very strong!

This line of the of the English requires a lot of patience but I have to warn that this game required a little too much patience..


Brighton Challenge

I returned to chess recently with a tough match against Brighton 1. They are the strongest club in the Mid Sussex League and so I was certain of a tough game. I had played John before – he is a very tough opponent with brutally tactical tendencies.


Knockout Start

I played my first game of the season last night in the Knockout competition. I greatly outgraded my opponent who put up a good fight but ultimately succumbed. It was good to remind myself how the pieces worked!

English Success


Here is my second game from the Gatwick e2 e4, I had successfully won the the first game in a tense game and was determined to continue in the same aggressive style. One of the great things about a congress is to play some fresh players.

This was an interesting tussle with a few interesting wrinkles.