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First Game of the New Season

It has been a while since I have been able to update the website.It seems sensible to start afresh with the new season. Over the last couple of years my grading has slumped from 170 to 152 which is the way of the club player. My opponent was about the same grade as me and certainly got the better from the opening. It was a seesaw game which culminated in me offering a draw from a won position!

Lateral Defence

Here is a very interesting game against a very strong 190  player from my the Worthing Chess Championship. I hadn’t played or even met Grant before and I can say he is a very pleasant chap (who bought me a pint!).

This was a very interesting game and the mighty French withstood the initial attack. Unfortunately I overlooked a little tactic which didn’t bode well. One theme that I found interesting was the lateral defence provided by my Rook on a6.


McMutcheon Mayhem

Three posts in short succession … just like London buses!

Here is an interesting game in the Horsham Rook competition which is our club championship. I was relieved to stay in this tough competition last year with a late surge winning the last two games and coming a creditable fourth.  Chris plays combative chess and is a fine player with the wisdom also to play the French as Black.

One of the problems with playing regular chess against the same players is that they all know your lines. As we were playing this game other players were checking out which lines we played ready to prepare for our game later in the season…

Worthing Wonders

I am keen to play more chess this season and so have joined a second club  which plays lots of internal chess , has a healthy junior section and is based over a local working man’s club which offers restorative beer!

I am still finding my way around their competitions and here is my very first game in the club championship.  There are players graded 202 , 190 and 168 to look forward to but I started with this game against a very promising junior who I am sure will shoot up the grading list shortly. I certainly wish I could play this well when I was 12.


I always feel the club season proper starts when I play the first game in my club’s all play all which  is the club championship. The competition is entitled the Rook and the trophy is a very fine solid silver Rook of considerable size.

One year , rather surprisingly, I was able to win this trophy and I was understandably proud. On returning home with this fine piece of silverware my pride was punctured with an immediate domestic decree that I would be polishing it myself!

So this season I began with a game against Phil Stimpson who is a very active player. He plays for a number of clubs and is always very well prepared. This was a very interesting game in a French sideline which he has tried against me once before.

Congress Challenges


I finally offer my games from the Gatwick e2 e4 Congress back in March. I was playing pretty well at the time and have to say that I was hugely impressed with the playing conditions. It was a pleasure playing in a decent hotel with good facilities and good food. It compares very favourably with cold church halls and the curling sandwiches of my youth. It encourages me to play in more such tournaments … but I have been spoiled now and will only play at e2 e4 tournaments!

Dave Cork is a fellow club chess player. In fact he used to play at my own club although he now plays elsewhere. I knew that he is a regular player with a competitive spirit and looked forward to a tough first round.