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Fantastic Fischer

I have found myself drawn to some Fischer games of late and here is another absolutely fantastic game played by Bobby against Boris.

As a clubplayer I learned a few lessons. Firstly it is not enough to play one fantastic move to win the game. Bobby played stunning moves time and again in order to beat as good a player as Spassky.

It is also crucial to understand your endgames. Look at how Fischer converted the final position by converting into a winning endgame. I wonder how many of us clubplayers would have foreseen such a plan.

Enjoy this game – its a stunning destruction of the opposition.

The Great Capablanca

Here is a very interesting game with a suitably clever finish from the great cuban player Capablanca.

Thegame is just over a hundred years old and shows a very interesting concept. This combined with the finish makes it a valuable use of ten minutes!


When the opening goes wrong…

Pawn Sacrifice

I recently watched Pawn Sacrifice which is a mainstream film about Bobby Fischer . It featured some real stars including Tobey Maguire as Bobby and Liev Schreiber as Spassky. If like me you can never remember actor’s names then you may know Liev from Ray Donovan and Tobey from Spiderman.

It was a well dramatised story for a very weird tale and it managed to convey the chess excitement to a non playing audience without grating for us chess enthusiasts. It also taught me some things I didnt know…I wasn’t aware that Spassky had applauded Fischer after the sixth game for instance.

From a personal view I found myself playing over some of the world championship games and finding some great videos with Bobby baffling other grandmasters.

This is a great example which is definitely worth a watch.